Feb 1, 2010

"Not Me" Monday

Joee has NOT started a stolen spoon collection on accident. She did NOT keep a spoon I let her play with in IHOP, that was totally NOT my fault. And Max did NOT let her steal a spoon by her accidently dropping it in the diaper bag at the Japanese Restaurant. MY husband was NOT to lazy to fish it out!


I did NOT jump like a spider monkey over the creek and run up a GINORMOUS hill to train for Warrior Dash. I did NOT almost die afterward, and I did NOT beat my mother in law Gina :)

I do NOT feel like a Puma Mom lately ready to pounce someone who touches my child. Stranger diffently do NOT think it is OK to touch Joee when we are out to eat. This NEVER bothers me, and I am NEVER overprotective.

I did NOT get sick from Sonny this week at work, and I certainly did NOT bring it home and give it to my baby Joee. So our nights are NOT filled with suction balls and saline solution right now. Joee does NOT immitate me coughing and clearing my throat for giggles.

Jasmine, my black mutt, does NOT have something wrong with her third eyelid. And I hope that she does NOT have to have surgery (SERIOUSLY)...

And we did NOT forget to put the memory card in the camera when we went to Livs 17th birthday so... Sorry Liv!

And I diffently did NOT wait till Tuesday to write this post


  1. I always forget the memory cards. Thankfully my phone has one and my husband makes me keep the adapter to it in the truck so I can just pop it out of my phone, into the adapter and into the camera. It has saved my life so many times.

    Have a great week.

  2. Good idea! My phone has one too! Thanks!