Jan 25, 2010

Not Me Monday

First of all I do NOT want to thank Lily for the awesome not me Mondays posts that do NOT make me laugh every Monday! And I definitely do NOT want to thank her for spreading this wonderful idea!

My wonderful mother did NOT teach Joee to blow razzberries.(that nice fart sound with your mouth) Joee did NOT proceed to blow her carrots all over me while I was trying to teach her to spoon feed. This was NOT the funniest thing in the world to Joee, and her laughter did NOT make Max and me laugh so hard we almost cried.

Joee did NOT try chicken for the first time, and she definitely did NOT make this face...

Her father did NOT proceed to say that he disowned her, and he did NOT joke that she was the mail mans. (FYI All Max eats is chicken, he is quite a boring eater)

Joee did NOT proceed to fart for a whole minute long the other day. It did NOT sound like pop, pop, pop, pop... break... pop, pop, pop (SMELL!!) and so on, it was NOT a record for the baby Joee and she did NOT smile and giggle the whole time.

I did NOT accidentally turn an old NSYNC song into a new Joee theme song the other day. This does NOT annoy my husband and amuse him at the same time. He does NOT catch me constantly dancing in the kitchen and singing to Joee. (Here we go one more time baby Joee's feeling fine here we go now..up up here we go Babe Joe has got the flow.. and so on)

I have NOT fallen victim to the hostess cupcake curse. I did NOT only have eight pound left to loose at my six week check up after having Joee. I did NOT gain another ten by eating my weight in Hostess Cupcakes... they are NOT food from the Devil.

I did NOT sign up and pay to basically kill myself in the Warrior Dash in May. I did NOT start training today. I am NOT at all worried about getting my butt whipped. I am NOT competitive at all!

My sister did NOT give Joee the cutest elephant in the world today. Her son Trent does NOT have one matching in blue.

I did NOT decide to name my daughters farts today, I did NOT decide to call the Fairy Fluffs. Joee does NOT constantly Fairy Fluff all day, and she certainly did NOT Fairy Fluff so much in the doctors office that she made her whole exam room spell.

Thanks NOT reading my NOT me Monday! Hope you got some good laughs!

Jan 21, 2010

Max the artist!

Max, my wonderful husband, is an artist (though he might not like me to call him that) I think it up and he figures out how to make it for me (and changes things uck umm..) :) Below are some of the wonderful things Maxwell has made for Joee and me!

This is the built in bookcase and China cabinet that he built for our living room!

Unfinished China part.

A whole look at the unfinished!

INSTALLED, yet I still haven't added my china :)

Max was also really into nesting when we were pregnant with Joee. He painted both her nursery and her playroom, hand painted lady bugs on the wall in her nursery, and he also made us a wonderful door for the nursery. A dutch door instead of an ugly baby gate!! He even went a step further and made a Joee size door for when she gets older :)

Unpainted and both the top half of the door and the Joee size door are open.

Painted with all parts closed. So far we have really loved this door. We can keep the top part open and keep good air flow and hear Joee even without the baby monitor. Not to mention it is ADORABLE!!!

Some other things that I have pictures of that Max has made are a full size bed for Olivia that holds her mattress and has storage drawers, he also made a night stand but I do not have pictures. He also made the tables for our wedding reception. The center of the table dips down about an inch I think. Gina, my mother in law, ended up using the center for sand for kids to play with at the kids table, and center pieces

Not to mention he did also help make this!

Jan 19, 2010

Cupcake Playroom

I think that I am just writing this blog to boast about the beautiful playroom that I have already created. I love cupcakes, I collect lots of things cupcakes (cookie jars, place mats, bowls, etc) So before Joee even got here I decided that my little girl would love cupcakes too. So I spent alot of my "nesting" on making her playroom the cutest little cupcake room! Here are some of the pictures of her playroom.

Max, my wonderful husband, spent hours in the little room painting the pink stripes on the walls. Then I went fabric shopping and found the cutest cupcake fabric to make curtains out of. I made a valance for the long window, and for the closet doors, that were broken, Max removed them and I added long curtains that Joee can pull back to get in and out of the closet. I hand painted the little canvas' to match the cupcake fabric. I just love baby Joee's playroom. I hope one day she will love it too!

Jan 17, 2010

Valentines Day Garland

Valentines Day is right around the corner. V-day decorations are flooding every store. I have decided as a new mom that decorating for every holiday is a must. My mother did it for my sister and me which made even the smallest holiday special. I know Joee, my four month old, wont appreciate these decorations for a few years to come but I figured I could start accumulating decorations so that by the time I have enough stuff to feel decorated she will be old enought to appreciate them. However I am refusing to pay rediculous amounts of money for decorations. So I decided to be cheap and make my own using insperation from expesive store decorations.

Here is one of the items I liked at TJMAX that was $14.99

I decided that I was NOT going to pay $14.99 for this but I would rather try and make it.

I went to JoAnn's, the most wonderful craft store in which I always get "lost", and grabbed 10 small wooden hearts. They have a whole isle of wooden crafts, shapes, letters, etc. Each heart was about .29. .29x10= 2.90. I already had some ribbon I had bought a while back ( which was only .99 a spool, I didnt even use one spool on the project) So for about 3.89 (plus paint and glue gun if you dont already have these things) I made my own. Here is how I did it.

First I painted each heart a color that matched the little Valentines day classic heart candies. Let dry.

Second I painted sayings on each heart. I googled sayings for inspiration. (Luv You, Hug Me, Marry Me, etc)Let Dry.

Next I cut ribbons into 15in strands, one for each heart, and hot glued them to the back of the hearts. I put the hot glue dot close to the top of the heart where the little v part is, I choose not to center in the middle of the heart because then the top weighs more and flips the heart. Then the center of the 15in ribbon into the glue dot.

After the glue dried I took each heart and connected it to another heart by tying two of the strands in a knot and then making a bow.

Then I hung on my mantel. :)

The only thing that I would change about my hearts is my handwriting. I wish it was cleaner/neater :)

Sweet Crafting!

Jan 15, 2010

Welcome. Fun posts to come!