Feb 24, 2010

Turning 25

I turn 25 this year (May 8th) and have already started thinking about my birthday. I always have the worst birthdays. I mean absolute worst, and not just by my standards, by anyones.
For example:
  1. 15th- Got dumped by my bf of a year (big deal at the time)
  2. 16th- Was at school late trying out for cheerleading when my whole family forgot to pick me up for my own birthday party.(ek um correction mom was at work on the other side of Atl. she let dad/Candi have it when she got home, so much so that my sisters bf was very uncomfotable being there) This was before every kid had a cell, so I sat there, for hours, and just waited...
  3. 17th- My dog, not just my families, but specifically my dog who was ten died. Not only did she die, but we rushed her to the vet, she was having heart failure. They couldn't do the surgery so we would have to take her to another vet, thirty mins away, in rush hour traffic. While we were discussing this with the vet Bubbles started coughing up blood again, I stayed in the room alone, while my sister and her bf walked out cause she couldn't watch. I watched her die. My dad got there shortly after. He drove her home to bury her. I held her till Mom got home, so Mom could say goodbye.
  4. 18th- I dumped my prom date 2 days before the dance because he was a Jerk! At least I dumped him.
  5. 19th-20th- I guess uneventful bc I cant remember lol.
  6. 21st- absolutely no one celebrated with me. My sister got married the day before, so she was gone on her honeymoon, and she was the only one of my friends who was over 21 who could have celebrated with me.
  7. 22nd- Was on a cruise with the ex. He gave me nothing, said nothing, did nothing. We were also hiding from a storm, the ocean was really wavy, and I was pretty seasick that night!
  8. 23rd- was right before I graduated from college, so I don't think anything happened, which seems to be a good thing lol.
  9. 24th- Max absolutely forgot, I don't really want to say forgot. Maybe saying was to lazy and unthoughtful to get me anything would be more accurate. Nothing. At all. Not even a card. And trust me I don't let you forget my birthday. I dread the day approaching so I sure let you know its coming. Oh to make it worse I was 5 months pregnant too, so I was like super emotional when midnight came around and he still hadn't said, "Surprise!" like I was crossing my fingers for.

So I need ideas please. Help. :) I need to have at least one good birthday in the last decade, and one that is worth remembering!! I'm not really a big drinker, but a couple margaritas are not out of the picture. What did you do when you turned 25?


  1. well lets make your birthdays great from now on! Lets go "DO" something! I know we all like going to Braves games maybe we go do that... Simon and I and you and Max. Or a girls night out! Whatever it is.... make it a point to enjoy it!!! Now you have Joee and she makes you smile! your 16th bday... this must have been right before we were friends and cheerleading. Im sorry about all your bad bdays.... this will be better!!! -)

  2. Wow! Well hopefully this is your year! You could have your best friend/sister call your husband and remind him the day before to guarantee he doesn't forget...kind of cheating, but at least you won't be disappointed! I am following now from Friday Follow (I'm not 6 days late...I am a day early. That's my story and I am sticking to it!) I hope you will stop by when you get a chance: http://www.thriftyandfrugalliving.com/

  3. This year is going to be better!!!!
    I just found you through Friday Follow and am following! I would love to have you stop by:

  4. Let's see, I was preggo on my 21st, 23rd and 25th... I did go out to dinner with a few friends for the 25th, cheesecake factory- was fun. Plus we always go to provinos for a free dinner on the actual birthday night... U know I think we will be out of town to the beach on ur birthday this year... but we could all do something fun when we get back =)

  5. Oh my, you've had some doozies! I hope this one is the year to remember!!

    Found you on Friday Follow. Stop by my blog anytime: yellowhouseknits.blogspot.com

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hopped over from FF! I hope you have a great 25th! On my 25th we had just moved and had just celebrated my son's 1st. He gets his license this year (which clearly states that I am turning 40)

  7. Your birthday is the same day as my sister's. The one thing I can tell you is that one day you will celebrate Mother's Day on your birthday and there will be no greater gift than that. :) I hope you have a great one this year. Maybe start planting hints around the house now about things that you would like. ha!

    Stopping by via Friday Follow and following you. I would love if you would come by and visit me too.