Mar 30, 2010

I just don't understand this....

On our way back from Florida Interstate 75 is cluttered with these types of billboards.

All I could think of is why??

You take your little kids to Disney world, then on the way home from their adorable Innocent vacation they get to learn about strippers, massage (sex) parlors and alcohol.

Yet the less provocative cigarette billboards are banned. Not to mention smoking only kills the smoker, and alcohol (drinking and driving) kills Innocent people all the time. Plus do you really need to be thinking about beer while driving???

It just dumbfounds me how the government is out to get the cigarette companies but care less about the "legal" more deadly or sexually explicit ads.

Just a thought.

What do you think??

Mar 29, 2010

Not Me Monday

These are NOT some of the cool stuff around town that we snapped cell picks of. That lil train with sippy cup holders and seat belts, did NOT pass us in the mall with triplets. The lil ones did NOT feel like they were on a ride! The next picture is NOT a huge ginormous eraser! Totally awesome! Then the next picture is NOT a bathtub that looks like a high heeled shoe! The water does NOT flow don't your back, my husband is NOT the one that wants one of those! And that last picture is NOT just a cool key chain that reminded us of some people in our families :)


I did NOT finally break down and take hours of my life to clean the destroyed Joee room! She does NOT have way to much clothes that are hard to keep up with. These are NOT the socks that are missing their other sock! And those are NOT the spoons that were playing hide and seek in her diaper bag. That's right TEN baby spoons!

And this is not by adorable drooly baby!

Max did NOT finally come to the conclusion that its better late then never, and get me a paper anniversary present. 1st there is the roses (don't really like roses but whateve) then 2 paper posters for my future craft room. No that is NOT Taylor Lautner my werewolf love, and he did NOT also get my Taylor Swift whom I adore.
So I haven't been nagging him as much :)


This is NOT how lame Max's uncle is. I did NOT find that sticker with his name on it stuck on my daughter under her onesie, and the back of the sticker in her diaper. GRRR!
I did NOT get an eye infection last week. The Dr did NOT write me that "back to work"
slip. It does NOT sound disgusting, or like I do not wash. And btw Mr. DR man, you told me to wash my eye 4 times a day for two weeks. That is not "normal" hygiene!!


Mar 27, 2010

Joee's Half Birthday

My little girl is already 6 months old. We celebrated by letting her feed herself a cupcake, well really the icing. I know I know she isn't suppose to have it, but whatever the pictures were AWESOME!


Messy baby!


Mar 26, 2010

Easter Cupcakes I love!

Check out these cupcakes ladies!

Being Fulfilled

In response to my sister-in-law's blog... which you can read here

I think its because all girls grow up, in this day in age, with several "ideas" of what life SHOULD be like for you to be happy.

  • Be married to prince charming.
  • Still have a wonderful social life.
  • Stay friends with our best friends for "like" FOREVA!
  • Maintain our beautiful high school like physic, so that we may be the envy
    of all the girls from high school. Especially at class reunions we need to look "supa fly"
  • Acquire material possessions (house, car, etc)
  • Get in to the most awesome college.
  • Graduate from said college.
  • Have wonderful, well behaved children.
    Be a full time mommy/ or a work mommy. (both which are fulfilling, however not sure why you’d go to school to be a full time mommy, just a waste of money if you ask me.)
  • Grow old. Acquire even more possessions. Bigger and Better. Have grandkids.
  • Maybe even great grandkids
  • Die a ripe old age still in good shape, living every day to its fullest.

My point is this. If any of these things do happen for us, they might not be in the order we planned. I do not believe that children or school fills the void that we women force ourselves into. We are the reason we have the void. We are the ones who set these ridiculously high standards for everything and when it doesn’t meet up to exactly what we had planned we are let down. We are constantly measuring the life God gave us against the life that we “should” have had, or “could” have had.

We say to ourselves, if only I wouldn’t have made this mistake, or if I would have waited for this, or tried harder in this, or thought this through.

Hine sight is not always 20/20. Most of the time its wrong.

If I wouldn’t have made the mistakes that I made in my life, eck um, I could have settled for someone who didn’t make me feel the way Max made me feel. My mistakes led me to the path that God had intended for me.

The walk across that graduation stage was a wonderful feeling, but fleeting. Especially when circumstances keep you for looking for a job right after you graduate. Then the economy sucks so when you do look there is nothing, or nothing you want to do. I felt more pressure since I graduated then before. Now I am an even bigger failure. Not everyone goes to college, but the ones that do and graduate find flippin jobs don’t they!!!

Joee has not filled the “I want to do more with my life” or better the” I thought I would be DOING MORE with my life by now” void. She is just a marvelous addition. And she is not an accomplishment. Maybe I will feel different about this later. I know my mother feels proud of my sister and I. I am proud that my daughter is wonderful, but she isn’t MY accomplishment, all I did was carry her and take care of her. The way I nurture her, raise her, and teach her will be a great accomplishment for me.

Fulfillment comes from the inside out. No amount of acquired possessions, awards, beauty, or people will make you fill fulfilled and stay that way. I acquired my possessions, and awards while I was in my “first life” and it was not fulfilling. While I had bragging rights for some of the things people said I couldn’t do I did, it still did not make me happy, because I wasn’t happy. I was constantly told how mean and awful a person I was that that took its toll.

It wasn’t until it left that the vail that I was seeing through made my life feel better. And in that months before Max I felt more accomplished then I ever had. And I was a waitress and that wasn’t going to change for the time being. But I was accomplishing my goals week by week. Whether it was getting to books that were collecting dust, or just having time for ME. It was MY life and I loved who I was. Max only made this better for me.

Now I am not saying, “ladies leave your husbands and life is great” I am saying make time for yourself to do the things you’ve longed to do. See the movie you want to see even if your husband or friends won’t go with you. Indulge yourself on your favorite dessert. Make a fool of yourself as often as possible. Say whats on your mind. Just steal a few hours for yourself every week, even if you think taking time away from your kids makes you a bad mother, I promise in the long run it will make you a better mother. Your children will know if their mother is happy in her own skin, and that is one of the best things you can teach a child, especially a girl, to be happy in her own skin!

Also make small goals for yourself every week. If you have always wanted a garden start one. Don’t have a yard start a planter. You always wanted to take ballet classes, get on youtube, buy some used ballet slippers and go to town in your own living room. Goals that are accomplishable within a week. Even if it’s a big goal. Want to go to Hawaii, plan the trip in your secret notebook, price it up, say you want to save it by 5 years time, do the math, and start a collection!
It is honestly the little things in life that are fulfilling.

Mar 24, 2010

Why I quit my Church as a teen.

Someone asked, so here it is!

Both of my parents grew up in hard core Baptist churches. My mother didn’t like them so she decided not to go as an adult. Not sure why she never looked for a different kind of church but she didn’t. When I was little she sent my sister and me to a Baptist church with my cousins because we started asking questions and she thought it would be good for us to learn what she learned in Sunday bible school. I went with them for a while, but hated the hustle and bustle of Sundays because we would ALWAYS be stuck with my cousins family ALL day long (Looking back this is probably the reason I drove everywhere as a teen and refused to carpool, I hate feeling stuck when I am ready to go!) So I didn’t start back to church untill I was a teen. I made friends with a few girls in my freshman art class that went to the same Weds night teen church, so I started going with them. Went every Wednesday and some Sundays. I didn’t like Sundays as much (early, by myself etc..) But I would go, especially during events.

I started going in 9th grade then into 10th grade when we moved to Loganville (about a 40 min drive in traffic away from my new house) My mom would take me to Sundays but not Weds when we moved because she wouldn’t get home in time to pick me up take me all the way out to Lucerne Baptist Church which is almost in Stone Mountain. Dad would take me some Weds but that required WAY to much begging.

I got a car (FINALLY) in fall of 11th, and took myself. In Dec that year I had jaw surgery, I have 4 screws in my jaw, and couldn’t chew for 6 months. But I still wanted to go on the winter retreat (my first church retreat ever) the first weekend of Jan, even though I couldn’t ski. We got to North Carolina and ate in the mess hall and headed up to our cabins. Only one of my girl friends went, but all 4 of our guy friends came. Our cabins were all separated boys/girls, there were a lot of younger girls that I didn’t really know and 3 moms for our girl cabin. The boys cabin was far away and they weren’t allowed to come near ours (I know DUH but it plays into the story later)

Our cabins were literally almost a mile from the mess hall if you were walking.
That night at about 4am I woke up sick. I started throwing up. The girls woke up at 6ish, there were only two bathrooms for about 16 girls in this cabin. All they did was complain that I kept taking up a bathroom because I was sick, because "they were going to be late to the ski slopes" The moms asked me how I felt, I answered the obvious, they said they would come back after breakfast and check on me and bring me pepto bismal (SP).


Not until ONE OCLOCK IN THE MORNING. No I am not kidding, I never stopped throwing up. I was drinking water out of the sink so I would stop dry heaving and have something to throw up. There wasn’t even any food in the cabin to eat. I didn’t have a cell phone, I couldn’t call anyone, and I didn’t want to OR think I could physically walk the mile to the mess hall to use the pay phone.

One of my close guy friends (I found out some of this later from him and the other 3 guys) kept asking the youth leader and the moms about me. They said "Oh so and so was going to check on her" he kept asking around in a circle till he got fed up around midnight and walked that mile to the cabin from the gym where they were doing a Weds like singing service. The mom's and youth leader ONLY came back to the cabins because they noticed that he was missing and figured he went to see me. So he was breaking the rules, they thought we must have been doing something naughty. They passed us on that walk. He was literally carrying me down to the mess hall to call my parents.

My parents showed up a few hours later. I refused to go back to the cabin with the women. They were really mad about that, and my guy friend refused to go back to his cabin and sat there with me at the mess hall with a trash can and took care of me. My mother could have literally killed them when she got there. I think she tried to keep her language clean, lol, but I doubt she did. I was her baby. I hope to make Joee feel as protected from everything and everyone the way that my mother made me feel. She reamed them for not checking on me, and pointed out that the 16 year old boy had more maturity then the adults she had entrusted with her daughter.

I could have died.

I ended up in the hospital with an IV because I was too dehydrated.

Even if my mother wouldn’t have forbid me to go back to that church I wouldn’t have went.
They lost more than just me that day. My friend left too, we both demanded a refund which the church hesitantly gave to me and him.

I tried MANY churches in Loganville after my wounds healed. Loganville 1st Baptist, Victory Baptist, Sharon Church (I think that’s its name I can’t remember), I decided I didn’t like Baptists churches lol.

Max and I HATED that cult of a church Oasis. However I liked the church Max went to Snellville Christian, but I am not sure why we/I decided we didn’t want to go there. (we will talk about this later now that I have thought about it) I say we/I because Max is so easy going sometimes its hard to figure out what he does only because he picked up hints that its what I want to do.

In conclusion, shame on you LBC! Thank god for my friend Chris, and my wonderful Parents. Who might not have always been “perfect” and might not have always raised me the cookie cutter politically correct way that outsiders expect. But they have been the best parents a girl could have asked for. They taught me more about life, love, compassion, right/wrong, family, and faith by just being my parents then going to LBC ever did.

Mar 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

This is NOT where my neighbor parks every day.


This is NOT the same neighbor that I blogged about earlier on a NOT ME MONDAY.

I did NOT volunteer to HELP with a baby shower for my boss at work. WE did not quickly become ME. With the others backing out, or not bringing what they were suppose to. With the exception of Emily who brought some yummy mini chocolate cupcakes! And a surprise Flan was also brought, but decorations, invites, pink and white cupcakes etc. all me baby! Here are some pictures...


Joee was NOT having a good time at the party. She did NOT love all the attention. She also was NOT obsessed with the balloons.


Joee would NEVER pass out on the ride home holding on to her balloons.


And she would NEVER want to play with them at home.


My baby is NOT the cutest baby EVER!!!

Mar 20, 2010

My Family from

Lily is on Vaction. I so stole this idea from her website. I just wonder where she finds these cool things? Check out Lily's blog, she is a great writer.

Mar 18, 2010

Sunday Church and Work

I have been a waitress since 2002. I got my first waitressing job when I was 17, and have stayed with the same store since then (minus a small break during college when I worked at an eye glass store).

I was a teenager so I got the dirt hours (in my opinion) I worked at least 5 days a week usually 5pm-12am even when I was in high school. I still made decent grades, good enough to get HOPE for college. I saved and saved, and splurged and splurged (mostly on Vans and Hollister clothes) I paid for just about all my friends outings since they were all lame and didn't have jobs or couldn't hold on to their money.

I have gotten a little off topic.

Point is I ALWAYS have worked Sundays.

When I started my freshman year of college I moved about 40 mins away, but they let me still come back and work Fri night, and Saturday and Sunday both lunch and dinner. So I still logged about 27 hours a weekend. Which was more than enough money for my college needs. I ended up paying for friend there too lol for bowling etc. Mainly I did this because I wanted to have fun with these friends, and nothing is fun by yourself, so I didn't really care about the money.

The next four years of college I had to work to pay for my apartment and such. So I lived closer to work and whatever days I wasn't at school I was working. I hardly missed days. I was seriously scheduled (day shift now) every day to do something. If school was M W F , I was working Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun, and even some of those school nights. I made decent grades in college too.

Now that you realize my crazy work ethic, let me get to my point.

Sundays have always been a day of work for me. As a waitress they are one of the money days. So I hardly ever go to Church. Its partly to blame with my experience with the church that I went to through out high school treating me poorly and me turning my back on Church's, NOT GOD or JESUS, Churches. I really haven't found a church that I like, or that has immediately made me feel comfortable and welcome since then. (I'll tell you that story later)

But EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY that I worked I was confronted with the same question from customer after customer.

"Do you go to Church"

Here they are all dolled up in their church attire sitting at my table. They just got out of church. They are arguing with their families (which is the most common day for family problems at a restraunt in my experience) And they are asking me if I go to church. Um, would I be here this early if I had just gotten out of church?

Never the less, I say blankly.

"No I do not go to church." and move on to doing my job.

Then I become their cause, table after table every weekend.

"Oh then you should come to our church and be a christian" "why don't you go to church" "Can't you just take Sundays off"

My answers are "I am a Christian, but I don't want to go to your church. I don't go to church because I need to work to make money to keep food on my table and a roof over my head. " I also add in my head "Oh what church do you go to? I'll make sure never to attend service there"

My point is this...

If you are a Christian and you go out to eat on Sundays. Do NOT harass your waitress about your religion. Restaurants are only open on Sundays because all the church goers go out to eat. You Sunday Eat Outers are to blame for the staff not having Sunday off. Don't get me wrong I go out to eat on Sunday's sometimes with my in laws family. But I have never once seen any of them harass a server, and if they did I would probably say something because I can. ( lol I can't at work)

I have always wanted to respond with

"Do you go out to eat every Sunday?"

"Do you realize you are the reason that we are here?"

"If Christians as a community would decide to not eat out or shop after church then a lot more people would be off of work and go to church. But in till Mondays are as profitable as Sundays (usually at least a 50 dollar difference in tips) then people like me are going to not go to church and choose to work on Sundays.

I got to thinking about this again the other day because my mother-in-law and I were talking about how Mormons (this is what she says, not sure if it is fact.) don't go out to eat at all on Sundays. They don't even stop to get gas. So that they are not fueling the system.

I might also add other Sunday observations that I think are ironic:
  • Sundays we make money by volume not by good tipping. No one likes to tip well on Sundays, not sure why my two theories are 1. They think the people that work on Sundays aren't as worthy cause they didn't go to church and 2. They just gave all their money to their church.
  • A LOT of people are mad and angry on Sundays. I have witnessed more couples/family meltdowns on that day then all the other days combined.
  • One Sunday when I was 7 months pregnant an old man (60's) slapped me so hard on my arm when I was walking by that he left whelps then a bruise. He wanted a to go box, and he was in a hurry and I wasn't paying attention to him. He wasn't even my table. Oh, and my manager did absolutely nothing to the man. I was mortified.
  • People are constantly leaving those little pamphlets "Are you Saved" Or "Here is a TIP" which is religious paraphernalia as my actual tip instead of money.

Since mid-January I stopped working on Sundays so that I could have a day with my daughter AND my husband. Money wise it has been an adjustment. We still aren't going to church yet though. We have discussed it several times, but I don't want to put Joee in the church daycare while we are there, and I am not sure she will behave that long. I don't want her to be in there because she isn't around kids yet, so she isn't getting sick all the time, and I don't know these people. Like I said it would be a new church. I think soon we might go fishing for a church. I'll let you know what we turn up with. I am very picky. I think I am because I am headstrong and have a set idea of what I want to get out of a church.

Honestly I would rather go to a church that teaches, instead of preaches. Max said he thinks I mean bible study, which I guess is true.

Mar 17, 2010


These are just for a shower at work. Erad is from another country. He and his wife have NO family here in the States. So we are throwing them a last minute shower at work. These are the end product.



Shots and Crafts AHHHH

LOL! Didn't happen.

Note to Self: Don't schedual craft day the same as Joee shots day!

Fever all night, puked on me several times, I was very worried :( And she did NOT want to be put down AT ALL!

Ill post some picture of the one craft I did do. My bosses invites in a little while!

Mar 16, 2010

St. Patty's Day crafts, and bosses invites

These are my sketches for what I want to accomplish today. I need to make invites for my bosses baby shower (he is from another country and he and his wife are alone here so we are doing one at work) I want to make Joee a St. Pattys outfit, and St patty pin for me and my friend Jean.

Lets see if I can get it done. lol.

Mar 15, 2010

Not Me Monday

This was NOT my baby having a good time at her Grammy's while we were on vacation a couple weeks ago.



She would NEVER get spoiled at Grammy's and Mom would NEVER have Grammy send her a billion pictures while she was gone.

This is NOT my baby in her super cute PJ's.

And Joee has NOT conquered sitting while playing, when she get bored though she throws herself back.

And Joee has NOT conquered her jumper!


I am NOT at all proud of my baby for growing up, but I do NOT get sad all the time to watch the baby time go!

Mar 12, 2010

Ladybug Nusery

I had a serious case of nesting syndrome before Joee was born. She took over two rooms in our small house. Well I can not take full credit for all of the nesting, Max was pretty bad too, but my mother was worse. Joee was to be her first grandchild. Enough said right. I decided I wanted to show off some of the pictures of her nursery before it got currently unorganized and trashed with clothes shes out grown that are in laundry baskets :)

We decided to do her bedroom in ladybugs. Ladybugs were not a fetish of mine at the time ( I am very into penguins, fairies, and cupcakes) But Max and I had been shopping at my favorite store Joann's and I had decided that I wanted to learn how to quilt. After trying crocheting and failing horribly. We didn't know the sex yet. So we tried to choose things that were unisex. So I picked out brown and white pokadots, red and white pokadots, and green with little ladybugs. Max assured me that because they were bugs they could be ok for a boy, I now think different but he always though she was going to be a girl anyways.

That was it. So when we found out that she was a lil' girl we decided to do ladybugs, and the rest is history of the nesting grandma with a credit card. My mother seriously bought my furniture off of Craig's list, and my bedding at TJMax and Marshalls. She had to travel to a billion different stores to get all the pieces. What she didn't find of the bedding she got off of eBay. I told mom that I need to buy some of the stuff to but she wouldn't listen, and I quote, " I'll buy the sticks, you can make the nest." Thank God for my mother, she is so wonderful to me. Here are some pictures of Joee's nursery!




Mar 8, 2010

Not Me Monday

Joee has NOT decided rolling over and over and over is fun... she did NOT try and roll off of our bed. I am NOT terrified of this, and I did NOT yell at (poor sweet) Maxwell for sitting beside her and not watching her close enough.

Max and I did NOT celebrate our 1 year anniversary. I did NOT make Max a really cute coupon book along with a poem. I was trying to stick with the "paper 1 year gift theme"

He did NOT not get me anything. He would NEVER just absolute suck and not even get me a card. He did NOT proceed to stay in the dog house all weekend. I was NOT expecting much, I mean come on it was a paper theme, and my husband does NOT usually get me the cutest cards and write the cutest things in them (mothers day and valentines he did not disappoint) I was NOT so upset that he didn't even try that we didn't even go to our dinner reservations. We were NOT suppose to go to an all you can eat chocolate buffet. I am NOT mad at myself for not going either. Oh, and he can NOT say he forgot, because I purposely gave him his at midnight of our anniversary, and that gave him all of Friday to find/make SOMETHING PAPER.

My husband is NOT a total TURD!!!

Whoo now that that is over with...

Joee has not become such a good sitter that she rode in the shopping cart without a carseat sitting all by herself. She did NOT love it, and she certainly did NOT flirt with everyone we went by. No not my baby Joee, she would NEVER be the center of attention :) Oh and we so weren't at JoAnn's either.

Then we did not take her to Petco, as a test run to take her to the Ga Aquarium. She loves Aquariums, and we are thinking we are going there for her 1st birthday!

She would NEVER try and beat the fish through the glass though.

I have NOT wrote and made several crafts for my blog that I have neglected to finish and post. I do NOT hope to get caught up soon.

Mar 4, 2010

I Love Peanut Butter

Ok usually I am not a huge peanut butter fan. I seem to stick to Reese's and PBJ's but the other day we are walking around hungry in the grocery store and come across the peanut butter and jelly section of Kroger.

I usually am very cheap and only have the Kroger brand peanut butter and jelly but I was first drawn to the goober mixed PBJ mix. I thought for a second the reason why I was drawn to it. Because we had just watched The Nanny Diaries, and they eat it out of the jar which looked really really good. I put it back so I don't impulse buy, I really don't need it right?

But however right next to it is a peanut butter called Dark Chocolate Dreams, looks a lot like the Nutella that I love in IHOP. But I read and it is " Peanut butter blended with rich dark chocolate" not hazelnut like Nutella. So I very sneakily put it to the buggy.

Well it did not disappoint. I love it. It is great on bread, and Ritz crackers! I want to try the companies other flavors, and I guess I will after I get done with this jar. Hopefully Kroger will have the others by then since it is so much more expensive to buy it off line.

Take a gander at their website!

I can't wait to try it on a cupcake!

Mar 3, 2010

Cupcake in a mug!

So I have been seeing these cakes in a mugs everywhere. A couple blogs that I follow have mentioned them, one has a giveaway for 101 recipes for cakes in a mug. One of my craft magazines has a recipe for one that you give away as a gift.

I decided that I would try and make one. So I found a recipe online.

4 Tablespoons cake flour
4 Tablespoons sugar
2 Tablespoons cocoa
1 Egg
3 Tablespoons milk
3 Tablespoons oil
1 Mug

Mix flour, sugar and cocoa:

Spoon in 1 egg

Pour in milk and oil, and mix well

Put in microwave for 3 minutes on maximum power (1000watt)

Wait until it stops rising and sets in the mug

Tip contents out of mug onto saucer and enjoy!

This is what it looked like in the microwave


This is it after I got it out of the microwave.


This is it dumped out onto a plate.

(I think it looks like a rose :)

Then I added some scoops of icing that I had in the pantry (chocolate of course!) made by Pillsbury.

It was delicious while it was warm, but the cooler it got (while I was blog hopping :) the spongier and chewier it got. So make sure to eat it HOT!

Vacation: Top Disney Rides

As you may already know Max and I did all 4 Disney parks in one day. We wanted to hit up the best rides offered in each park. This is the rides we chose.

Animal Kingdom

1. Expedition Everest- This coaster took my breath away. Expect the unexpected

2. Kilimajaro Safaris- Nice to see the animals, watch out for the crazy driver though!

3. Dinosaur- Fun inside semi-coaster.



1. Soarin- Breathtaking, awesome effects. Worth the wait, even the wait line was neat.

2. Test Track- Max loved this.. he likes going fast. ALOT!

3. Inside the Innovations East area was a small ride that you got to design your own coaster on the computer and then get in a simulator. It was alot of fun, Max and I designed an awesome coaster. It was called the Sum of all Thrills.

4. The World- Ok ok I know this is not a ride, but I love the walk of the world showcase. After all I did major in international studies.

Hollywood Studios

1. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror- I loved it but at one point I was screaming enough lol. I got sick of having my stomach drop.

2. Rock'n'Roller Coast- Awesome indoor coaster.

Magic Kingdom

1. Space Mountain- Classic. Right side is better, yes the sides are different coasters.

2. Its a Small World- My favorite Disney ride, can't wait to take Joee one day!

3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- I dont think Disney MK has changed since I was a kid.

Those were my favorites! Can't wait to go back except this time WITH Joee!!

Mar 1, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did NOT just get home from Florida.

I did NOT cut it short because I missed Joee to much.

I did NOT make my mom send me at LEAST 3 pictures of Joee a day.

Friday was NOT crazy. Thursday night to Friday morning Joee did NOT think that it was playtime at 3am she did NOT stay awake and keep me awake till 6:30am only to sleep till 7!!!

I did NOT make Max get up early to take care of her. (at 7 before work)

Friday night we did NOT decided to go down to Florida two days early. Our reservations were NOT Sunday night through Weds morning. We did NOT decided that we should just get it over with and went.

So after my whole 2 hrs of sleep from 1-3am then two more from 830-1030am Thurs to Fri I did NOT drive 90% of the way to Florida, with NO sleep that night while Max slept soundly in the passenger seat.

We did NOT decided to go to Disney which was not on our plans. We did NOT buy park hopper passes and go to all 4 parks in one day. ( in which I had no sleep, no seriously NO sleep from Fri to Saturday)

Disney is not a blur. It did NOT seem like I was drugged out, and it was definitely NOT 44 degrees and RAINING most of the day!

The next day we did NOT go to Universal Islands of Adventure. I was NOT angry when I was there and I did NOT go to guest services to complain. (Which is completely out of the norm for me, waitress' don't usually complain about anything, or well at least not me.)

Today we did NOT check out of our hotel two nights early. I did NOT fib and tell them that it was a baby emergency and that my parents work for GA Power and are now on call because it is suppose to snow. This did NOT result in no penalties, this did NOT make me and my wallet very happy!

I will NOT blog a bunch more on our trip to Florida.