Feb 12, 2010

Valentines Day Gifts

I was just blown away by my tivo version of The View this morning. Their Valentines Gifts were so neat I have to share!

This was my least favorite of all the gifts. It is similar to what I would say is the Snuggy, but the guy said it is more comfortable and useable, with hand pockets, feet pocket, and more plush.

Personalized ice cream. You can make your own ice cream flavors, even alvacado!! Add mix-ins, custom wrapping, and you have a gift! Little too Pricey for me though, but Max does love ice cream!

I love this idea, and plan on buying one for someone special, no not Max he doesn't read unless its a magazine :) but someone I love. Well anyways, there are many topics to choose from! You add different characters that match people in your life, and can even customize the cover and back of the book! Neat!!

Viva Box seems pretty neat. It is a gift box that has a gift in it as well as a giftcard for more of the same gift. For example the wine box includes a book on how to pick out wines, a subscription to a wine magazine, and a gift card for 6 bottles of wine.

Once Max and I win the lotto I throughly EXPECT these roses! I do not really like flowers, and I certaintly do not like roses, I am more of a tigerlily or mixed flower kinda girl. However THESE roses are stunning and make a statement and are very different than the traditional thoughtless rose!

On to my TOP TWO

This is very romantic and sweet. However it can be created at the dollar store/Joann's and still be just as romantic. A sweet note written by the lover sent in a bottle. Message in a bottle! Love it!

You send in your DNA on a cotton swab and it becomes art. This picture is two peoples DNA side by side. I would love to have Max, Joee, and Me. Very expensive though! But it is going on my list of something I want after Max and I have career jobs


  1. Great ideas! Following you back from Friday Follow!

  2. love the dna pictures...that is so cool!