Feb 8, 2010

Doggy Dog Dog...

As you might know, or might not, I have 4 wonderful doggies! I got my dog "collecting" honestly, as my mother has TEN! I just thought it would be cute to share my other "babies" or furbabies as they would like to be called :)

Introducing my furbabies, in order, Rue 6, Jasmine (Jaz) 5, Carley 5?, Delilah (Dada) 3.

My babies are always so helpful. This is my little Mexican Chihuahua Rue helping me with my Spanish homework, Jaz wearing my bowtie getting ready for work, Dada would NEVER think clean laundry is a dog bed, and Carley would NEVER think she is a lap dog!!


Delilah had a special connection with my baby belly. Before Joee was born Dada would lay her head on my belly ALL THE TIME!! She thought that it was her own personal lullaby! Now they still have a special connection, Dada is like the baby watcher. Always with Joee, always cuddling, she gets her fur pulled alot now, and whimpers but never gets mad at Joee. She is such a good dog!

All my three little dogs love Joee so much. Rue probably only loves her because she is a warm cuddly baby :) Jaz thinks she is Joee's protector, from Carley and my mothers dogs when Joee visits over there.

I love my pups!! Luckly I married a man who loves my pups like they are his pups too! :)

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