Apr 27, 2010

Shutterfly Dot Com!

FYI to everyone that has a MOTHER. Shutterfly.com is offering 3 free personalized mothers day cards (with your own pictures) shipping is only 1.05 AWESOME deal. You cant get 3 crappy cards from the dollar store that cheap!

Apr 19, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did NOT forget to post a Not me Monday last week, that did NOT aggravate me since its my favorite day to post, so I did NOT skimp on blogging last week because of it!

Anyways Happy Not Me Monday!

Joee has NOT decided that she only can crawl in reverse. I mean really... we are trying to get her in gear but its not working. She has NOT taught herself how to go from belly to sitting either.

Joee also did NOT just start sleeping through the night ALL of the time. So we are NOT moving her to her big girl room tonight! Yah Mom can sleep!

I did NOT spend way way to much time on Shutterfly this week. I did NOT make Joee a cute book for when she is older with pictures of us from the park. I would NEVER make it rhyme, I'm NOT that creative.

These are NOT some of the pictures of us at the park...
We would NEVER take our 7 month old to have her ears pierced. (Did you notice^^)

We would NEVER take Joee to have her picture taken at Wal-Mart, we sure would NOT buy all 8 poses, and there would NEVER be a problem once we got our pictures and they are big. One ISNT a picture of Joee trying to crawl. Her foot is NOT tucked under, and her big toe does NOT stick out and look like a winkie... yes a wee wee. There is NOT spit up on Joees outfit in 2 of the pictures either. NO this wouldn't happen after we sent $150 at Wally World getting this done. (I took these pictures of the pictures... I dont have a digital copy.)
Did you see it.. well here it is!

We did NOT feel rushed even though we had an appointment, and she did NOT walk away several times to talk to people that were walking up. That is NOT crazy to do with an infant that has a small window of having her attention!

So we did NOT go take pictures AGAIN the next week at Portraits Innovation and these pictures were NOT cheaper, and better!!

I do NOT have 11 days before the beach, and still have a lot of weight to loose, this would NEVER make me want to stop eating. No. I am NOT that crazy or shallow.

I did NOT promise a friend that I would make her little boy a shirt for his bday party that is fast approaching. This is NOT been the most complicated promise (crafting wise) that I have ever made.

I am NOT sick of all this pollen I am NOT tiered of my nose being more like a faucet.

We would NEVER throw our Chihuahua a 6 year old Birthday Party!! We did but I don't have pictures from this year! Rue my first doggy is 6 now!!

Apr 13, 2010

Stay at Home Mommy

First let me say... I cant believe I forgot to post a Not Me Monday!! I blame it on the Wii Fit, I logged almost 2 hours on that thing yesterday!

Down to the meaning of this post.

I want to be a stay at home mom. Right now I work as a waitress, 5 days a week, I make awesome money, but I want to stay home and go back to school online.

Joee is growing so fast! I feel like its all going to be gone in a second!

I want to work 2 or 3 days at work to get out of the house, then take online classes to get another Bachelors’ degree, this time in something more useful, education. So I can become a teacher while Joee is still young and start teaching when she gets in to school. I might have to start before she gets in to school, since it will prob be a 2 year program for me since I already have one degree (that I'm NOT using!)

Waiting tables is like a game to me. I test myself to see how fast I can do something or how many tables I can take care of at once, or how much money I can make... however its getting old, or its gotten old, and I don't want to do this my whole life!

Don't get me wrong there are some wonderful women that I work with that make this a career, Jean specifically whom is my best friend. But I see how much she hates it every day, and its not the job per say its the darn changing everything every day. Jean is a women of routine. And every time we get a new manager, even worse a new General Manager, EVERYTHING changes. They all think they "know" better, when they have never really waited tables a day in their life. Its always stressful and we get new managers ALL THE TIME. They are always quiting or getting fired or transferred...

I know teaching will be stressful and take up more time, but at least I will come home feeling accomplished!

Now I know what I want, but the question is how do I get it, I need to find a school excepted by the state of Georgia that I can take online... I need to apply for financial aid, I need to apply to the school, I need to see which credits would transfer.... Got a lot to do, and feel like I need help doing it, I get lost in all the FAKE stuff online!

Apr 9, 2010

Please Take Some Time!!!

And vote for Joee for Baby Idol!! She is a ten!!! It takes 5 seconds click the picture below it will take you to her and then click 10!!!

Apr 8, 2010

Joee's 1 year birthday party

Joee's birthday is a looming 5 months away... :)

So I am about to start planning it :)

Because I am going to be that Mom.


Got alot of cute ideas here


Super cute!!

Oh and some of these people have WAY to much money!!

But lets see what I pull together.

I WILL post my crafts leading up to her party.

1st is to pick a theme.

Bouncing between, poodles, or a design of some sort like one of her outfits, not sure.


Joee in one of my dresses.

So I didn't know how to sew. I had a crappy little bitty Singer Tailor... that I got when I was 13, now 24 and learning to use it. This was last year when I found out that I was pregnant.

Then I decided to make my soon to be bundle of joy a quilt.

And I did.

I taught myself how to sew last year and have been addicted ever since.

Last year I made Joee 2 baby quilts, a baby pillow to match, curtains for her playroom, and then I started maternity leave 4 weeks before she actually came (they lied and said it would be any day...) and I was bored.

So I made my already spoiled child more clothes. Specifically dresses, and no I did not use a pattern lol.

Today she got to wear one... it was a little odd on her, but still super cute to me.

Dress before Joee was born...

Joee wearing the dress!!

I have to say my newer sewing projects are much better though :)

Wii Fit

I am a proud new owner of a new Wii and Wii Fit!!! Super excited! Stayed up last night setting it up and playing...

About to put my morning time on that Wii Fit!

Wonder if this is going to work, anybody know any success stories?

Apr 5, 2010

Had to Share.

I thought this was ironic or symbolic so I had to share...

Today Max was rumaging through his pants drawer, because he had pulled some rarely used pants for Easter. He found a recipt in his pocket...

From Longhorns

From the last day that I saw my friend in question that I mentioned a few blogs ago...

WOW... really???

Not Me Monday

My little girl did NOT say Mama TWICE on Saturday. It did NOT make me cry. I am not sure if I cried because I was happy she said my name or sad because she is growing up!

She also did NOT favor me over everyone this weekend. Everyone says this will flip flop, so I am NOT sure if this will stomp on my heart once she thinks Dada is cooler.

I did NOT try to run at the high school on Easter, and have to listen to my lil girl crying and screaming at the top of her lungs because she wanted me and not Daddy. This did NOT hurt Daddy's feelings, and did NOT frustrate me. Does she want me to die at Warrior Dash???

I do NOT have to work the next 6 days, and I am NOT already plotting on giving at least next Saturday's shift away!

My house has NOT become a bottomless pit for random objects that have began disappearing. We did NOT loose something that is worth at least 300 dollars, Max did NOT loose the key to the riding lawn mower, and there are NOT a few other things missing that I am refusing to look for since I cant find anything.

Joee has NOT been sleeping through the night these last few days. From 10 pm to 8 am. I do NOT still wake up at least twice. This does NOT frustrate me in the least.

We did NOT go have Joee's picture taken with the Easter bunny, and she did NOT think it was cool and try to play with his nose.

We also learned this week that if a meat baby food is mixed with a fruit baby food Joee will eat it. lol. So she likes Apples and Chicken (they make that one) But she did NOT fall asleep while I was feeding her in her highchair the other day...

Apr 4, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone!

Had a wonderful, and beautiful day here in Georgia.

Woke up to a grumpy Joee though, she usually is such a doll in the AM. Not today, must have known we were going to be busy today.

Went to C4 with Max's family. C4 is a small christian church. Max's cousin got baptisted today, which was very moving. 4 little ones got up there, then 4 adults talked about how God has changed their life.

Then we came home for a bit to collect a few thing and change. Joee took a nap, had a cry attack, then was instantly better when we got to her G.G.'s house. She had fun, but was a little clingy to Mommy today. She also got WAY to much stuff!!!

After I tried to go running right before sunset at the highschool by my house. Max was going to just walk the track with Joee. Oh she was having none of that, mommy only, broke Max's heart.
I don't know why but she has been doing that alot lately especially at night.

Sandi, my Aunt, and I made some awesome cupcakes for everyone for Easter. They were adorable. I am planning on posting pictures later!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter as well!!

Apr 2, 2010


I have two stories to share, one scary, the other nasty, but both very funny!

Story One:

(Standing at my own table waiting "patiently" for the group to order and I hear at the table behind me...)

5 yr old boy: Meme I don't like it when you do that!!!

5 yr old boy: No Meme NOOOOO!!!

5 yr old boy: You chewed on my food!!!

Grandmother or maybe Great Grandmother in her 70's: Honey I don't want you to choke!

I look over and the Grandmother keeps chewing the 5 year old boys food up for him and spitting it on a plate.

I .



I had to walk away from my table with squealing a "I'll be right back."
The kid must have ate some because Jean said some looked like it was missing!

Story Two:

(Standing at my small table against the parking lot window yacking it up with the woman sitting there while her husband daydreamed)

Husband: Oh my god! (under his breath looking out the window, eyes about to pop out of his head)

Me: What are you looking at?

Husband: They are putting that old lady in the drivers seat!!!

( A table that had just left was getting in their car. It was an elderly couple in their late 70's maybe early 80's. The old man hobbled with a slump back, the old lady was in a wheelchair. They had to sit at a table because they didn't want to move her out of her chair. They were ALSO accompanied by their 50 something daughter.

They parked in handicap parking

The old man and the daughter basically carried the old lady to the drivers seat. LITERALLY! She couldn't move herself to the seat.

They put her wheelchair in the trunk.

The daughter got in the back seat.

The old man got in the passenger seat.

And they safely drove off!