Feb 19, 2010

I am SO excited!

Max and I have wanted to go to Orlando since 2008, however due to money then pregnancy we never got to do it. I am happy to announce that we have actually made the reservations and are going to Orlando soon!

Tonight we booked a 4 day vaca in a cheap hotel by Universal. We decided to go ahead and do it before Joee gets older. I know how desperately I am going to miss her while she stays with her Granny, I am not even going to think about packing her little ladybug suitcase! Ah. But if we don't go now, we never will. Next year she will be old enough to let us know she is upset with us going, so I know I would chicken out. We cant take her (unless others go with us) plus what fun is it for a six month old? When we go back next time it will be ALL JOEE TIME at DISNEY :) I cant wait for her to be old enough to love that.

My grandparents, and parents took my sister and I to Disney nearly every year growing up. I loved it. Now I look back and think my poor parents. They spent all their vacations on entertaining us. I do have the best parents in the world. My parents never even went to the movies bc my mom couldnt stand to be with out us :) Wonderful mother.

But for now, I am going to suck it up, pack Joee's bags, and enjoy Max and my last us vacation, plus we get to celebrate our anniversary!

PS. Little unknown fact about me... I am not scared of much... hardly anything unless I am feeling girly that day, however this picture makes my stomach turn

I am DEATHLY afraid of waterslides... like I could have a panic attack just thinking about it. Umm the reason why is a story for another day, but it is on my list of things I want to do before I die!


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  2. crap, i worte a comment and it got erased or something... anyways, that is awesome!! def. good to get away just the 2 of you... I went on a 3 day girls trip 4 months after the twins were born, it was so much fun. We should all do that sometime =)

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  4. I hope you have fun! I love Disney World! I'm following you from Friday Follow!

  5. Following you from Friday Follow. Hope you have a great time. You won't regret going now. It's something we never got around to either. Except we still haven't gotten around to it and now we've got three kids. Oh well. Someday.

  6. Oh, how wonderful! Never been to FL. Disneyland, yes, but yrs ago. Waiting for Grandson (2-1/2) to be old enough to enjoy it.

    Following you from Friday Follow (even tho it's Sat!

  7. Disney is SO much fun! Ya'll will have a blast! I think I am going back in May with my friend again. CANT WAIT!!!! You will have a blast and yes... Lily, we do need another girls weekend getaway!!! They are SO much fun too!

  8. Found you from Follow Friday and am following you now.

    You'll love Orlando. It's our favorite place to take the kids and we try to make it once or twice a year. Can't wait to hear how the trip goes !

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