Feb 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

My neighbor has NOT gone crazy and has NOT said any of these things...

  • That they added a water drain pipe under their yard that drains in to their side yard, which is also my side yard, which in return has been flooding my garage EVERY SINGLE TIME IT RAINS! They did NOT put it up while we were in the hospital 5 months ago, and I did NOT just put these pieces together.
  • He did NOT threaten my big dog Carley, he would NEVER say that I might find her four paws up in my yard somewhere! That did not make me want to attack him but I couldn't because ...
  • He did NOT come to work to tell me these things either!
  • The next day I did NOT find him blowing all the leafs from his yard into ours, he did not quickly panic, turn off the leaf blower, and act like he was going to rake them and put them in a wheel barrel.
  • I would NEVER find him or his grown kids that still live at home kicking my fence and laughing when Carley gets mad. They are NOT so stupid not to know that if you harass a dog (which is considered abuse in our county) that if the dog bites you you can not press legal charges. Carley is NOT an awesome and sweet pup that would never do anything unless she felt attacked!

Things that have NOT been going on around our house this week:

Joee does NOT like her jumper!

Joee's new tempertantroms when she does not get her way do NOT make me laugh. I do NOT think its funny that she already has a temper at 5 months old, but I am also NOT worried that she is going to be like one of those bratty kids that drive me crazy at work.

Joee did NOT get sick of having her picture taken on Valentines day! She would NEVER go from this...

To this...

In a blink of an eye (or camera :)

My babies would NEVER fall asleep together in the middle of the afternoon. Nope not Daddy with baby Joee NEVER!

Joee would NEVER have fun in her snow suit in the snow.

She would NEVER giggle while we forced her to make a lil' snow angel.

Max would NEVER (and finally!) bring home my Christmas present... yes you read that right... my Christmas present..

But he was completely forgiven for being the late punk that he is when I saw how beautiful it was! ( he also made the nightstand which was originally my fish tank stand till he forgot to feed them while I was in the hospital having Joee via C-section...)

Thanks and Happy NOT me Monday!


  1. I guess better late than never on the Christmas present! Your daughter is really cute!

  2. Love the pic of you and Joee!!
    and that is an awesome Christmas present!!