Feb 12, 2010


I think I need to vent about my distaste for some commercials lol. They get stuck in my head and haunt me... this is one of my least favorite nemesis right now.

Could they have made this anymore annoying. It looks like an awful rendition of something WDVL's (my highschool broadcasting class).

I will never take Restasis for as long as I live. This lady freaks me out!! "Twice a day, every day"

This one was awful and ironic since shortly after it was launched (and watched over and over and over) Saturn closed. "Saturn builds cars that Americans want"

WHY do they make us stare at this poor womans butt this whole commercial. I cant stand it!!

I love this Travelers commercial though!! The dog is soo cute! I love this commercial!

The Progressive lady, I just love her! lol She always makes me laugh. Plus this makes me think of the story Max told me about his dad coming home with THREE motorcycles without telling his mom :)

This songs get stuck in my head, but are fun, not annoying.

What are the commercials that YOU hate or love??

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  1. haha, the one with the lady's butt... hate it!!! i mean seriously... that is why i love DVR... I can fast-forward through commercials!!