Mar 3, 2010

Vacation: Top Disney Rides

As you may already know Max and I did all 4 Disney parks in one day. We wanted to hit up the best rides offered in each park. This is the rides we chose.

Animal Kingdom

1. Expedition Everest- This coaster took my breath away. Expect the unexpected

2. Kilimajaro Safaris- Nice to see the animals, watch out for the crazy driver though!

3. Dinosaur- Fun inside semi-coaster.



1. Soarin- Breathtaking, awesome effects. Worth the wait, even the wait line was neat.

2. Test Track- Max loved this.. he likes going fast. ALOT!

3. Inside the Innovations East area was a small ride that you got to design your own coaster on the computer and then get in a simulator. It was alot of fun, Max and I designed an awesome coaster. It was called the Sum of all Thrills.

4. The World- Ok ok I know this is not a ride, but I love the walk of the world showcase. After all I did major in international studies.

Hollywood Studios

1. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror- I loved it but at one point I was screaming enough lol. I got sick of having my stomach drop.

2. Rock'n'Roller Coast- Awesome indoor coaster.

Magic Kingdom

1. Space Mountain- Classic. Right side is better, yes the sides are different coasters.

2. Its a Small World- My favorite Disney ride, can't wait to take Joee one day!

3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- I dont think Disney MK has changed since I was a kid.

Those were my favorites! Can't wait to go back except this time WITH Joee!!

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  1. OH I WANT TO GO! :)

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