Mar 29, 2010

Not Me Monday

These are NOT some of the cool stuff around town that we snapped cell picks of. That lil train with sippy cup holders and seat belts, did NOT pass us in the mall with triplets. The lil ones did NOT feel like they were on a ride! The next picture is NOT a huge ginormous eraser! Totally awesome! Then the next picture is NOT a bathtub that looks like a high heeled shoe! The water does NOT flow don't your back, my husband is NOT the one that wants one of those! And that last picture is NOT just a cool key chain that reminded us of some people in our families :)


I did NOT finally break down and take hours of my life to clean the destroyed Joee room! She does NOT have way to much clothes that are hard to keep up with. These are NOT the socks that are missing their other sock! And those are NOT the spoons that were playing hide and seek in her diaper bag. That's right TEN baby spoons!

And this is not by adorable drooly baby!

Max did NOT finally come to the conclusion that its better late then never, and get me a paper anniversary present. 1st there is the roses (don't really like roses but whateve) then 2 paper posters for my future craft room. No that is NOT Taylor Lautner my werewolf love, and he did NOT also get my Taylor Swift whom I adore.
So I haven't been nagging him as much :)


This is NOT how lame Max's uncle is. I did NOT find that sticker with his name on it stuck on my daughter under her onesie, and the back of the sticker in her diaper. GRRR!
I did NOT get an eye infection last week. The Dr did NOT write me that "back to work"
slip. It does NOT sound disgusting, or like I do not wash. And btw Mr. DR man, you told me to wash my eye 4 times a day for two weeks. That is not "normal" hygiene!!


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  1. thats nothing compared to what Kab has done to others... i remember when he put an eaten spicy chicken wing in... I wanna say Owens diaper. yeah... you never know in our family! =)