Mar 18, 2010

Sunday Church and Work

I have been a waitress since 2002. I got my first waitressing job when I was 17, and have stayed with the same store since then (minus a small break during college when I worked at an eye glass store).

I was a teenager so I got the dirt hours (in my opinion) I worked at least 5 days a week usually 5pm-12am even when I was in high school. I still made decent grades, good enough to get HOPE for college. I saved and saved, and splurged and splurged (mostly on Vans and Hollister clothes) I paid for just about all my friends outings since they were all lame and didn't have jobs or couldn't hold on to their money.

I have gotten a little off topic.

Point is I ALWAYS have worked Sundays.

When I started my freshman year of college I moved about 40 mins away, but they let me still come back and work Fri night, and Saturday and Sunday both lunch and dinner. So I still logged about 27 hours a weekend. Which was more than enough money for my college needs. I ended up paying for friend there too lol for bowling etc. Mainly I did this because I wanted to have fun with these friends, and nothing is fun by yourself, so I didn't really care about the money.

The next four years of college I had to work to pay for my apartment and such. So I lived closer to work and whatever days I wasn't at school I was working. I hardly missed days. I was seriously scheduled (day shift now) every day to do something. If school was M W F , I was working Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun, and even some of those school nights. I made decent grades in college too.

Now that you realize my crazy work ethic, let me get to my point.

Sundays have always been a day of work for me. As a waitress they are one of the money days. So I hardly ever go to Church. Its partly to blame with my experience with the church that I went to through out high school treating me poorly and me turning my back on Church's, NOT GOD or JESUS, Churches. I really haven't found a church that I like, or that has immediately made me feel comfortable and welcome since then. (I'll tell you that story later)

But EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY that I worked I was confronted with the same question from customer after customer.

"Do you go to Church"

Here they are all dolled up in their church attire sitting at my table. They just got out of church. They are arguing with their families (which is the most common day for family problems at a restraunt in my experience) And they are asking me if I go to church. Um, would I be here this early if I had just gotten out of church?

Never the less, I say blankly.

"No I do not go to church." and move on to doing my job.

Then I become their cause, table after table every weekend.

"Oh then you should come to our church and be a christian" "why don't you go to church" "Can't you just take Sundays off"

My answers are "I am a Christian, but I don't want to go to your church. I don't go to church because I need to work to make money to keep food on my table and a roof over my head. " I also add in my head "Oh what church do you go to? I'll make sure never to attend service there"

My point is this...

If you are a Christian and you go out to eat on Sundays. Do NOT harass your waitress about your religion. Restaurants are only open on Sundays because all the church goers go out to eat. You Sunday Eat Outers are to blame for the staff not having Sunday off. Don't get me wrong I go out to eat on Sunday's sometimes with my in laws family. But I have never once seen any of them harass a server, and if they did I would probably say something because I can. ( lol I can't at work)

I have always wanted to respond with

"Do you go out to eat every Sunday?"

"Do you realize you are the reason that we are here?"

"If Christians as a community would decide to not eat out or shop after church then a lot more people would be off of work and go to church. But in till Mondays are as profitable as Sundays (usually at least a 50 dollar difference in tips) then people like me are going to not go to church and choose to work on Sundays.

I got to thinking about this again the other day because my mother-in-law and I were talking about how Mormons (this is what she says, not sure if it is fact.) don't go out to eat at all on Sundays. They don't even stop to get gas. So that they are not fueling the system.

I might also add other Sunday observations that I think are ironic:
  • Sundays we make money by volume not by good tipping. No one likes to tip well on Sundays, not sure why my two theories are 1. They think the people that work on Sundays aren't as worthy cause they didn't go to church and 2. They just gave all their money to their church.
  • A LOT of people are mad and angry on Sundays. I have witnessed more couples/family meltdowns on that day then all the other days combined.
  • One Sunday when I was 7 months pregnant an old man (60's) slapped me so hard on my arm when I was walking by that he left whelps then a bruise. He wanted a to go box, and he was in a hurry and I wasn't paying attention to him. He wasn't even my table. Oh, and my manager did absolutely nothing to the man. I was mortified.
  • People are constantly leaving those little pamphlets "Are you Saved" Or "Here is a TIP" which is religious paraphernalia as my actual tip instead of money.

Since mid-January I stopped working on Sundays so that I could have a day with my daughter AND my husband. Money wise it has been an adjustment. We still aren't going to church yet though. We have discussed it several times, but I don't want to put Joee in the church daycare while we are there, and I am not sure she will behave that long. I don't want her to be in there because she isn't around kids yet, so she isn't getting sick all the time, and I don't know these people. Like I said it would be a new church. I think soon we might go fishing for a church. I'll let you know what we turn up with. I am very picky. I think I am because I am headstrong and have a set idea of what I want to get out of a church.

Honestly I would rather go to a church that teaches, instead of preaches. Max said he thinks I mean bible study, which I guess is true.

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  1. You are as refreshing as a soft spring shower on beautiful flowers. I almost stood up and said amen!!! to what you were saying.
    We go out to eat quite a bit, (I work some really long hours at my store)..and I have seen so much rude behaviour toward waitresses and it's like you say on Sunday..there are people leaving the pamphlets and no tips,those same people preaching to all around them, meanwhile not getting along,rude children that are not watched..and the list goes on. And it is so much worse on's just wrong. You are much more even tempered than I if you are strong enough to be a waitress. You should get a raise a week for all you put up with...and I fear that I would have slapped that mean man back.
    I'm saying to myself now..CC,shut up. I'm just very proud of you that you were able to say what you said...