Mar 1, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did NOT just get home from Florida.

I did NOT cut it short because I missed Joee to much.

I did NOT make my mom send me at LEAST 3 pictures of Joee a day.

Friday was NOT crazy. Thursday night to Friday morning Joee did NOT think that it was playtime at 3am she did NOT stay awake and keep me awake till 6:30am only to sleep till 7!!!

I did NOT make Max get up early to take care of her. (at 7 before work)

Friday night we did NOT decided to go down to Florida two days early. Our reservations were NOT Sunday night through Weds morning. We did NOT decided that we should just get it over with and went.

So after my whole 2 hrs of sleep from 1-3am then two more from 830-1030am Thurs to Fri I did NOT drive 90% of the way to Florida, with NO sleep that night while Max slept soundly in the passenger seat.

We did NOT decided to go to Disney which was not on our plans. We did NOT buy park hopper passes and go to all 4 parks in one day. ( in which I had no sleep, no seriously NO sleep from Fri to Saturday)

Disney is not a blur. It did NOT seem like I was drugged out, and it was definitely NOT 44 degrees and RAINING most of the day!

The next day we did NOT go to Universal Islands of Adventure. I was NOT angry when I was there and I did NOT go to guest services to complain. (Which is completely out of the norm for me, waitress' don't usually complain about anything, or well at least not me.)

Today we did NOT check out of our hotel two nights early. I did NOT fib and tell them that it was a baby emergency and that my parents work for GA Power and are now on call because it is suppose to snow. This did NOT result in no penalties, this did NOT make me and my wallet very happy!

I will NOT blog a bunch more on our trip to Florida.


  1. I want to see some pics!!! I want to see your hair too!
    I SO would have made Max drive!!! Yall are crazy! Well at least you are not in florida today- they are suppose to get very bad weather!
    I know Joee is happy to have you back!
    Happy early Anniversary!!!

  2. My hair?? So confused. I meant cut the trip short if that is what you thought meant hair... lol Thanks.