Mar 12, 2010

Ladybug Nusery

I had a serious case of nesting syndrome before Joee was born. She took over two rooms in our small house. Well I can not take full credit for all of the nesting, Max was pretty bad too, but my mother was worse. Joee was to be her first grandchild. Enough said right. I decided I wanted to show off some of the pictures of her nursery before it got currently unorganized and trashed with clothes shes out grown that are in laundry baskets :)

We decided to do her bedroom in ladybugs. Ladybugs were not a fetish of mine at the time ( I am very into penguins, fairies, and cupcakes) But Max and I had been shopping at my favorite store Joann's and I had decided that I wanted to learn how to quilt. After trying crocheting and failing horribly. We didn't know the sex yet. So we tried to choose things that were unisex. So I picked out brown and white pokadots, red and white pokadots, and green with little ladybugs. Max assured me that because they were bugs they could be ok for a boy, I now think different but he always though she was going to be a girl anyways.

That was it. So when we found out that she was a lil' girl we decided to do ladybugs, and the rest is history of the nesting grandma with a credit card. My mother seriously bought my furniture off of Craig's list, and my bedding at TJMax and Marshalls. She had to travel to a billion different stores to get all the pieces. What she didn't find of the bedding she got off of eBay. I told mom that I need to buy some of the stuff to but she wouldn't listen, and I quote, " I'll buy the sticks, you can make the nest." Thank God for my mother, she is so wonderful to me. Here are some pictures of Joee's nursery!





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  4. Happy Friday Follow, following you. Hope you can find time to stop by me, maybe enter my give-away! Nice to meet you. Love the nursery. Lor of work putting that one together I bet.

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  6. Love the ladybugs!! Here from Friday follow...a little late storms by us yesterday knocked out power!!! Hope you come by and follow back.
    Your cupcake title intrigued me since I have a cupcake thing and friends from PTA now like to call me cupcake mom!! ...if you would like to read...

  7. That child had the most clothes for a baby i have EVER seen!!! hahaha.... she is definitely the most stylish kid. she always looks cute!

  8. I adore Joee's room! everything is sooo cute... I need to see about Max making me some little shelves like the ones u have for the shampoo and stuff, except for books! I think that would be cute in the boys room =) Maybe we'll talk about it next time we see yall.

  9. Happy FF! Love the room! It is just so sweet and cute... great job.