Apr 2, 2010


I have two stories to share, one scary, the other nasty, but both very funny!

Story One:

(Standing at my own table waiting "patiently" for the group to order and I hear at the table behind me...)

5 yr old boy: Meme I don't like it when you do that!!!

5 yr old boy: No Meme NOOOOO!!!

5 yr old boy: You chewed on my food!!!

Grandmother or maybe Great Grandmother in her 70's: Honey I don't want you to choke!

I look over and the Grandmother keeps chewing the 5 year old boys food up for him and spitting it on a plate.

I .



I had to walk away from my table with squealing a "I'll be right back."
The kid must have ate some because Jean said some looked like it was missing!

Story Two:

(Standing at my small table against the parking lot window yacking it up with the woman sitting there while her husband daydreamed)

Husband: Oh my god! (under his breath looking out the window, eyes about to pop out of his head)

Me: What are you looking at?

Husband: They are putting that old lady in the drivers seat!!!

( A table that had just left was getting in their car. It was an elderly couple in their late 70's maybe early 80's. The old man hobbled with a slump back, the old lady was in a wheelchair. They had to sit at a table because they didn't want to move her out of her chair. They were ALSO accompanied by their 50 something daughter.

They parked in handicap parking

The old man and the daughter basically carried the old lady to the drivers seat. LITERALLY! She couldn't move herself to the seat.

They put her wheelchair in the trunk.

The daughter got in the back seat.

The old man got in the passenger seat.

And they safely drove off!



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  4. WOW!! definitely gagged reading that 1st story... SICK!!! i think everyone should wait tables at some time in their life, you get to see some crazy stuff! =)