Apr 4, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone!

Had a wonderful, and beautiful day here in Georgia.

Woke up to a grumpy Joee though, she usually is such a doll in the AM. Not today, must have known we were going to be busy today.

Went to C4 with Max's family. C4 is a small christian church. Max's cousin got baptisted today, which was very moving. 4 little ones got up there, then 4 adults talked about how God has changed their life.

Then we came home for a bit to collect a few thing and change. Joee took a nap, had a cry attack, then was instantly better when we got to her G.G.'s house. She had fun, but was a little clingy to Mommy today. She also got WAY to much stuff!!!

After I tried to go running right before sunset at the highschool by my house. Max was going to just walk the track with Joee. Oh she was having none of that, mommy only, broke Max's heart.
I don't know why but she has been doing that alot lately especially at night.

Sandi, my Aunt, and I made some awesome cupcakes for everyone for Easter. They were adorable. I am planning on posting pictures later!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter as well!!


  1. You mean you missed me, because I saw just about everyone this morning other than the McCullough side of things!

  2. awww, poor max! tell him not to worry though, all my kids went thru "mommy" and "daddy" stages =)