Apr 19, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did NOT forget to post a Not me Monday last week, that did NOT aggravate me since its my favorite day to post, so I did NOT skimp on blogging last week because of it!

Anyways Happy Not Me Monday!

Joee has NOT decided that she only can crawl in reverse. I mean really... we are trying to get her in gear but its not working. She has NOT taught herself how to go from belly to sitting either.

Joee also did NOT just start sleeping through the night ALL of the time. So we are NOT moving her to her big girl room tonight! Yah Mom can sleep!

I did NOT spend way way to much time on Shutterfly this week. I did NOT make Joee a cute book for when she is older with pictures of us from the park. I would NEVER make it rhyme, I'm NOT that creative.

These are NOT some of the pictures of us at the park...
We would NEVER take our 7 month old to have her ears pierced. (Did you notice^^)

We would NEVER take Joee to have her picture taken at Wal-Mart, we sure would NOT buy all 8 poses, and there would NEVER be a problem once we got our pictures and they are big. One ISNT a picture of Joee trying to crawl. Her foot is NOT tucked under, and her big toe does NOT stick out and look like a winkie... yes a wee wee. There is NOT spit up on Joees outfit in 2 of the pictures either. NO this wouldn't happen after we sent $150 at Wally World getting this done. (I took these pictures of the pictures... I dont have a digital copy.)
Did you see it.. well here it is!

We did NOT feel rushed even though we had an appointment, and she did NOT walk away several times to talk to people that were walking up. That is NOT crazy to do with an infant that has a small window of having her attention!

So we did NOT go take pictures AGAIN the next week at Portraits Innovation and these pictures were NOT cheaper, and better!!

I do NOT have 11 days before the beach, and still have a lot of weight to loose, this would NEVER make me want to stop eating. No. I am NOT that crazy or shallow.

I did NOT promise a friend that I would make her little boy a shirt for his bday party that is fast approaching. This is NOT been the most complicated promise (crafting wise) that I have ever made.

I am NOT sick of all this pollen I am NOT tiered of my nose being more like a faucet.

We would NEVER throw our Chihuahua a 6 year old Birthday Party!! We did but I don't have pictures from this year! Rue my first doggy is 6 now!!

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