Apr 5, 2010

Not Me Monday

My little girl did NOT say Mama TWICE on Saturday. It did NOT make me cry. I am not sure if I cried because I was happy she said my name or sad because she is growing up!

She also did NOT favor me over everyone this weekend. Everyone says this will flip flop, so I am NOT sure if this will stomp on my heart once she thinks Dada is cooler.

I did NOT try to run at the high school on Easter, and have to listen to my lil girl crying and screaming at the top of her lungs because she wanted me and not Daddy. This did NOT hurt Daddy's feelings, and did NOT frustrate me. Does she want me to die at Warrior Dash???

I do NOT have to work the next 6 days, and I am NOT already plotting on giving at least next Saturday's shift away!

My house has NOT become a bottomless pit for random objects that have began disappearing. We did NOT loose something that is worth at least 300 dollars, Max did NOT loose the key to the riding lawn mower, and there are NOT a few other things missing that I am refusing to look for since I cant find anything.

Joee has NOT been sleeping through the night these last few days. From 10 pm to 8 am. I do NOT still wake up at least twice. This does NOT frustrate me in the least.

We did NOT go have Joee's picture taken with the Easter bunny, and she did NOT think it was cool and try to play with his nose.

We also learned this week that if a meat baby food is mixed with a fruit baby food Joee will eat it. lol. So she likes Apples and Chicken (they make that one) But she did NOT fall asleep while I was feeding her in her highchair the other day...

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  1. awwwww, sweet! I have seriously got to get all the sweets out of the house or I am going to gain all the weight back I lost... we have 4 loads of candy from all the Easter celebrations, it's ridiculous!