Jan 21, 2010

Max the artist!

Max, my wonderful husband, is an artist (though he might not like me to call him that) I think it up and he figures out how to make it for me (and changes things uck umm..) :) Below are some of the wonderful things Maxwell has made for Joee and me!

This is the built in bookcase and China cabinet that he built for our living room!

Unfinished China part.

A whole look at the unfinished!

INSTALLED, yet I still haven't added my china :)

Max was also really into nesting when we were pregnant with Joee. He painted both her nursery and her playroom, hand painted lady bugs on the wall in her nursery, and he also made us a wonderful door for the nursery. A dutch door instead of an ugly baby gate!! He even went a step further and made a Joee size door for when she gets older :)

Unpainted and both the top half of the door and the Joee size door are open.

Painted with all parts closed. So far we have really loved this door. We can keep the top part open and keep good air flow and hear Joee even without the baby monitor. Not to mention it is ADORABLE!!!

Some other things that I have pictures of that Max has made are a full size bed for Olivia that holds her mattress and has storage drawers, he also made a night stand but I do not have pictures. He also made the tables for our wedding reception. The center of the table dips down about an inch I think. Gina, my mother in law, ended up using the center for sand for kids to play with at the kids table, and center pieces

Not to mention he did also help make this!


  1. Max does amazing work! You should be very proud... he is taking after Gramp. He is very talented and I hope he knows it! He definately has a gift. I LOVE the baby door but I know I already told you that. When Simon and I finally have a baby Uncle Max will have to make us one too! =)

  2. Everything he has done looks so good! It is awesome to have a family of carpenters =) Timmy made us a toybox... should be getting it this week, then I can actually finish the boy's baseball room~

  3. Lily you are going to have to take pictures!