Jan 19, 2010

Cupcake Playroom

I think that I am just writing this blog to boast about the beautiful playroom that I have already created. I love cupcakes, I collect lots of things cupcakes (cookie jars, place mats, bowls, etc) So before Joee even got here I decided that my little girl would love cupcakes too. So I spent alot of my "nesting" on making her playroom the cutest little cupcake room! Here are some of the pictures of her playroom.

Max, my wonderful husband, spent hours in the little room painting the pink stripes on the walls. Then I went fabric shopping and found the cutest cupcake fabric to make curtains out of. I made a valance for the long window, and for the closet doors, that were broken, Max removed them and I added long curtains that Joee can pull back to get in and out of the closet. I hand painted the little canvas' to match the cupcake fabric. I just love baby Joee's playroom. I hope one day she will love it too!

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