Jul 15, 2010

NOT my baby NO way!

My sweet little lady bug would NEVER be in love with Coke. Not to sure if she likes Coke because she sees mommy drink it, or because I have let her try it out before.

But MY sweet cuddly little 10 month old would NEVER crawl all the way over to the baby gate

stand up

reach over the gate and in to the trash can

pull out an old Coke can that is crushed

and start trying to drink it.

NOPE not my little girl! (we usually leave trash eating to her cousin Reese :)

Mom would NEVER take a picture to prove it!!

The next week, while in the care of her Daddy and her Lovie (Grandma Gina's name) She would never watch her Dad put his empty Coke can in the trash. Wait till the adults start talking and not really looking at her.

Crawl over to the little trash can

get the Coke out

and attempt to drink AGAIN!

NOPE its not official! She is NOT a Coke addict.

Dad would never send Mom this picture from work!!

At least its not food...


1 comment:

  1. hehehe, yeah that is definitely a reese move~ hilarious!